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The Ace Lady Network podcast is a place to discuss feminism and life, to get things off your tits and share what's getting you out of bed in the morning. Equal parts hilarity and rage, the show will introduce you to Ace Ladies from around NZ and discuss what it is to be an Ace Lady.
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Jul 12, 2019

On a visit across the ditch, Angela talks skincare, business and all things woo with Botanical Store owner, Kim Stark. 

Apr 6, 2019

In this episode of the podcast, we pass the mic over and let two speakers from our ALN events interview each other. Morgana Watson and Arihia Latham talk about Te Ao Māori, what it means to pass on mātauranga Maori, how they came to be talking about rongoā Māori and the power of a woman's body, and how well moss works as a tampon replacement. 


Feb 25, 2018

In this episode we interview New Zealander Gala Darling about her fabulously popular blog, her up coming performance at Double Denim HQ and all things Ru Paul and tapping. 

Oct 28, 2017

This episode features pioneer in sexual health, Dame Margaret Sparrow, and abortion law reform advocate Terry Bellamak from ALRAN, in conversation with Amy Pearl of The Weaving House speaking about the much needed abortion law reform in NZ. Recorded LIVE from the Double Denim Headquarters in Wellington. 


Mar 23, 2017

Jessa Crispin is the founder and editor of the magazines and She is the author of The Dead Ladies Project, published by The University of Chicago Press, and The Creative Tarot, published by Touchstone. In this episode she gives a somewhat disheartening, but also hilarious, tarot reading for the Ace Lady Network. 

Feb 7, 2017

In this episode Angela interviews renowned feminist economist, Prue Hyman, in her Paekakariki home. What follows is a crash course in NZ feminism and a call for revolution. 

Dec 4, 2016

A live Ace Lady Network event featuring Radio NZ's Megan Whelan discussing women in the media, social networking and staying safe online. 

Nov 18, 2016

Join Ace Lady Angela Meyer as she talks sex, mindfulness, and comfort with Tantra-inspired facilitator, writer, and coach, Caitlyn Cook. Don't worry, it's so much less daunting than you're thinking. 

Oct 30, 2016

Join the Ace Lady podcast hosts Angela Meyer and Claire Murdoch in conversation with Gabe McDonnell, in which they talk rugby, rock biographies and embarrassing 90s fashion faux pas.